Posted on by Michelle Spell

There is no other way to celebrate our favorite wizard’s birth month than at Ava’s for the Fifth Annual Weekend of Wizardry from Friday July 17 to Monday July 20.

Join us at our storefront location, transformed into Hogsmeade’s own “Honkeydukes,” selling your favorite magical treats including chocolate frogs, butterbeer, pumpkin pasties, chocolate wands, and house color cupcakes.

A few doors down, our Ava’s Bake a Wish Party Center will be transformed into the Hogwarts “Dining Hall”—with floating lights, additional delicacies, and our traditional movie marathon. We encourage our guests to pick up their magical treats at “Honkeydukes” and then indulge in them over the movie marathon in our charmed “Dining Hall.”

The Hogwart’s “Dining Hall” is also your chance to catch a sneak peek at our first Bake a Wish Party Center!

We look forward to seeing Potterheads dressed in their house colors and favorite costumes!