Posted on by Michelle Spell

A letter from Ava's Cupcakes owner, Michelle Spell:

Just a glimpse into Ava’s…

Last August, Ava’s was given an opportunity to trial out a temporary, turnkey store in the Rockaway Townsquare Mall. Without much thought, Ava’s took the opportunity—and didn’t look back! After nine short, yet successful months, it was back to the drawing board as we began mapping out the next few years for Ava’s.

Although foot traffic at the mall was unbeatable at times, the operation at the Rockaway Townsquare Mall did not pull its weight in contending for a permanent space in our plans! As a team, we have decided that mall pop-up stores are not the desired business model for our young and growing company.

Ava’s has always had a focus on becoming ‘better, not bigger’ and the chance to operate in the mall gave us a boost in our goals to do just that! Although our doors at the Rockaway Townsquare Mall are closing on Sunday June 28, many more are preparing to open!

Speaking of doors opening, Ava’s is proud to announce the opening of our first Bake a Wish Party Center, where children ages 7 to 14 will have an opportunity like no other to explore their inner baker! Ava’s Bake a Wish Center will open on July 1st, with party and play date packages for young, aspiring bakers in a fun and interactive environment while learning some tricks of the trade! With a newly renovated space, built with miniature kitchen sets (mini ovens too!!), children can have their birthday parties or simply gather for a fun play date at the Bake a Wish Headquarters in Rockaway!

We are super excited about our new endeavor! Our dreams are to open Bake a Wish Centers in as many downtowns as possible! Most towns offer little leagues for aspiring athletes, now it’s time for aspiring chefs and bakers to have a little league of their own. Ava’s Bake a Wish Centers will do just that… plus so much more for the community (but, those plans will have to wait for a future blog post)!

These are just tiny glimpses into our future, but very important ones! Above all else, we want to take the time to say thank you. Without the continual love and support that our guests have shown, we would not have seen our successes and be who we are in four short years, and for that, we are all truly grateful! We are so proud of what we have accomplished, where we are headed, and what we aspire to achieve—and we cannot wait to share all of that with you!