Meet the Team

Root beer Float – Root beer infused cake with swirls of Root beer buttercream

Red Hot Red Velvet– Spicy red velvet cake with ribbons of cayenne infused cream cheese frosting

Sweet & Salty – chocolate cake with crushed Ruffles baked inside, topped with milk chocolate ganache, swirls of chocolate buttercream and a chocolate covered Ruffle on top

Blue Moon– Blue Moon cake, topped with ribbons of citrus infused buttercream

Caramel Stout – Guinness Stout cake, topped with swirls of caramel cream cheese

Corona & Lime – Corona infused cake, fresh lime curd filling, vanilla buttercream, jelly lime slice

Beer & Pretzels – stout cake, salted vanilla buttercream, topped with pretzels rods and chocolate drizzle

Ava's Official '50' Cupcake – classic chocolate cake, vanilla buttercream, dusted with gold glitter and a chocolate '50'

Omaha, Broncos, Panthers, Newton Cupcakes – classic vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream, topped with edible logo